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Balancing Flexibility and Innovation

IBM recently rocked their employees' world in a controversial move. The company that pioneered telecommuting announced it was bringing employees back to the office. It was a radical concept when IB

A Sponsor’s Mentoring Experience – Valerie Freeman, BravoTECH

Technology Ball nonprofit partner beneficiary MentorNet provides an open network for STEM students to connect with STEM Mentors across the United States, so often Mentor/Protégé relationships ar

Why We Really Fail to Achieve Our Goals

Most of us get "stuck" at some point in our careers. We're not happy where we are, but we don't know how to get to where we want to be. We've tried a few things we thought might help us get the resu

The Pet-Friendly Workplace

Several years ago I made the decision to let our staff bring their dogs to work.  At first it was mainly only one dog, Bailey, who came a few times a week.  Everyone fell in love with Bailey a

Women Breaking the CIO Mold

Women In the C-Suites Today A recent study from Korn Ferry Institute, reported in the largest companies in the US. only 24 percent of those in C-suite roles were women. The role of chief informati