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I Built It and They Didn’t Come – A Technology Adoption Saga

Aerospace engineer Columbus Brown leads a discussion about the important lessons learned from technology adoption failures (IIBA Dallas Presentation Archive). VIDEO

The Psychology of Error

Watch this informative presentation from Ken Howard and Jay Packlick on “The Psychology of Error” (IIBA Dallas Presentation Archive).   VIDEO

Are You Really on Linked In?

Business Coach Lucinda Ruch shares what she’s learned from LinkedIn power users about using the platform to promote your business or personal brand (IIBA Dallas Presentation Archive).   V

Advance Your Career Through Power Networking

Everyone agrees that networking is valuable, but few people do it well. Whether you’re seeking a new position or just looking to expand your professional contacts, successful networking requires mor

What are Your New Year Resolutions?

If you’re like me, at least one of your New Year resolutions is focused on your health, whether that means getting more exercise, eating more fruits and vegetables or shedding a few pounds. You migh