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The IT Talent You Need to Succeed. Maintaining the ideal technical team is a constant challenge. Your need for IT resources can fluctuate dramatically, from month to month and from year to year.  We offer IT staff augmentation and project management services for a wide range of technical skills, including:

BravoTECH can help you manage changing business requirements more easily through our flexible staff augmentation solutions. Whether you seek skilled professionals to complete a critical project, contract resources for short-term requirements, or full-time employees to complement your existing team – our services enable you to ramp-up quickly and get the job done. By delivering the right technical resources at the right time, BravoTECH helps you achieve your IT and business technology objectives efficiently and cost effectively.


  • Speed. Our extensive database and a vast recruiting network allows us to fill your technical positions more quickly. Technology has its place, but at BravoTECH we continue to value personal relationships.
  • Agility. BravoTECH has the depth to handle the needs of large corporate accounts, yet we strive to maintain the flexibility and responsiveness our clients have come to expect.
  • Precision. Our seasoned recruiters specialize in selected IT disciplines, enabling us to develop a rich pipeline of qualified candidates with the precise skill sets you are seeking. And our thorough candidate screening processes are still performed the “old school” way – by experienced recruiters who understand your business.
  • Relationship-Focus. Technology has its place, but at BravoTECH we value personal relationships. It’s the only way to truly meet the needs of our clients and our employees.

WhatWe Do

BravoTECH specializes in IT staff augmentation and project management services tailored to your business needs.

  • Contract

  • Direct Hire

  • Contract to Hire

  • Managed Services

  • Secure IT resources for a specific time period or project

  • Locate a full-time, direct employee

  • Secure a contract IT employee with the option to hire

  • Engage BravoTECH to manage your computers, networks, software, or projects on-site


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