Thought Leadership

Hybrid and Remote Roles Increase Hiring Success

A recent poll found remote positions pull in seven times more applicants than in-person roles. Read more for current data on employee preferences and the benefits of remote and hybri

When the Thrill is Gone: Four Steps to Take When You Don’t Love Your Job

By Andrew C. Jackson You work a lot. Even if you work from home, you may spend more time working and thinking about work than you spend at leisure activities. So what should you do when you start t

The Shrinking Shelf Life of IT Candidates

By Andrew C. Jackson, President, BravoTECH This is an update to an article I penned two years ago and it is even more relevant today. Do applicants for your technical positions have a shelf life

Ten Ways to Attract Quality IT Candidates and Win the Talent War

By Andrew C. Jackson The war for talent is nothing new for IT leaders, but it has grown in intensity with no end in sight. As the economy continues to expand, tech pros with in-demand skills are n

Virtual Interview Tips

Virtual interviews enable employers to get face-to-face time with candidates across time zones and geographic locations without the need for travel. Since many firms are now hiring for fully-remote po