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The Three Rs of Background Checks and Other Evolving Employer Challenges

By Andrew C. Jackson I have recently seen an uptick in three employment areas that employers should be aware of.  If you employ IT professionals, you likely have experience with one of more of

8 Best Practices for Validating Candidate Credentials (Without Losing Top Talent in the Process)

A 2020 survey by ResumeLab found a majority of job seekers fudge a detail or two on their résumés.  Fake candidates are an even more insidious problem, wasting significant time and money for

Hybrid and Remote Roles Increase Hiring Success

A recent poll found remote positions pull in seven times more applicants than in-person roles. Read more for current data on employee preferences and the benefits of remote and hybri

When the Thrill is Gone: Four Steps to Take When You Don’t Love Your Job

By Andrew C. Jackson You work a lot. Even if you work from home, you may spend more time working and thinking about work than you spend at leisure activities. So what should you do when you start t

The Shrinking Shelf Life of IT Candidates

By Andrew C. Jackson, President, BravoTECH This is an update to an article I penned two years ago and it is even more relevant today. Do applicants for your technical positions have a shelf life