Tips for Employees

Holiday Networking Tips for Job Seekers

As the year-end approaches, business tends to move at a slower pace. Hiring may slow down as managers focus on budgets, forecasts and planning for the new year. Many people take time off for holiday

From Certification to Success: How to Secure One of the Highest-Paying Jobs in IT

We frequently get inquiries about which IT certifications are best for improving job security and pay. While certifications are the first step, having the right strategy is also important. Here's are

Interviewing With AI Chatbots – What to Expect

You may already familiar with the use of technology in the hiring process, from automated keyword screening on resumes to video interviews. Now, some companies are using artificial intelligence (AI)

IT analyst

Top Skills Needed for an IT Analyst Job

IT analysts are sometimes called systems analysts, application analysts, IT business analysts or business systems analysts. While these roles may differ from company to company, they typically requir

Be Aware of Imposters Posing as Recruiters: Tips for Avoiding a Potential Scam

If you're looking for a job, beware of recruiting scams that aim to swindle them out of hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Posing as recruiters from legitimate companies, the scammers target

How to Land a Remote IT Manager Job – The Ultimate Guide

Are you looking for a remote IT manager job you can do from the comfort of your own home? More IT manager jobs are going remote or hybrid, and BravoTECH can help find the right role for you. In this

Why Texas is the Place to Be for IT Jobs

If you are looking for a job in IT, Texas is the place to be! With a flourishing tech industry and major cities like Austin and Dallas, Texas is home to some of the best IT jobs in the country. In th

Contract, Contract-to-Hire or Full-Time Employment – Which One is Right for You?

For many IT professionals, contract work offers the right mix of flexibility and project variety they seek – while others prefer the predictability of a full-time position. Still others may want to

Virtual Interview Tips

Virtual interviews enable employers to get face-to-face time with candidates across time zones and geographic locations without the need for travel. Since many firms are now hiring for fully-remote po

Tips For Your First Few Weeks In A New Role

By Andrew C. Jackson, BravoTECH President Congratulations! You landed a new gig and you are ready to start. Here are a few tips to ensure you are quickly aligned with your new team and accepted into

Five Tips for Evaluating a Potential Employer

By: Andrew C. Jackson, BravoTECH President Wherever we are, understanding our environment helps us optimize outcomes. This is especially true when evaluating a job offer. Beyond the actual work you

Tips For A Successful Interview

Congratulations – you landed a job interview! Now what? Here are some tips about preparing for an interview so that you impress your potential employer. Your BravoTECH recruiter has additional tips

Phone Interview Tips

A phone interview is often the first step in the hiring process. Making a great impression is vital to making it to the next round of interviews – and with a little preparation, you can increase you

Following Up: The Thank You Note

A well-written and timely thank you note will give your prospective employer a positive impression and improve your odds of getting an offer. In fact, some hiring managers say they only extend offers

How to Ace an In-Person Interview

An in-person interview is your best chance to make a great impression and build personal rapport with a potential new employer. If the in-person interview is a follow-up to a phone or video interview,

Skype/Video Interviews 101

Skype/Video interviews enable employers to get face-to-face time with candidates while saving time and money. Here are a few tips to get you through your video interview with flying colors. Test th

Interviewing for IT Positions: Manners Still Matter

The world of IT has always been fast-paced and less formal than other industries. Efficiency often takes priority over dress codes and business hours. Business communications that used to be strictly

Tips for a Great Relationship with Your Manager

Now that you may be working remotely or in a hybrid role, positive work relationships are more important than ever. Your manager can be an important ally and resource: they have the information you n

How to Work with Recruiters to Maximize Your Opportunities

Experienced IT recruiters have contacts with corporate managers, understand the current job market and salaries being offered, and may even know about opportunities that haven’t yet hit the job boar

Management Bullies and What to Do About Them

By Andrew C. Jackson, President and Cofounder, BravoTECH The other day I followed up with one of our new hires to see how she was adapting to the BravoTECH culture. Her answer surprised me. She sai

The Best Final Question to Ask in Your Next Interview

By Andrew C. Jackson, BravoTECH President and Cofounder Often at the end of an interview, the interviewer will recite some version of, "It was nice to meet you and we'll let you know our decision