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By Andrew C. Jackson, BravoTECH President Congratulations! You landed a new gig and you are ready to start. Here are a few tips to ensure you are quickly aligned with your new team and accepted int

Avoiding The Great Resignation of 2021

In what psychologist Dr Anthony Klotz calls “the Great Resignation of 2021”, workers are quitting their jobs at a record-setting pace. A combination of factors may be contributing to this trend.

The IT Talent Shortage Rages On (And Four Things You Can Do About It)

By Andrew C. Jackson   True:  Unemployment figures were way up in 2020 and have not returned to the levels we saw prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. Also True:  The majority of the jobs l

ABCs of Virtual Meetings

The use of video conferencing technology exploded in 2020 as millions of workers transitioned to work from home (WFH) and business meetings went virtual. Most WFH rookies learned the basics of video c

Where Do We Go from Here?

Some things to consider when returning to an office environment   By Andrew C. Jackson I’ve never been so glad to see the first signs of spring here in Texas – the Bradford Pear tree