Innotech Dallas


September 28, 2021 

InnoTech 2021 is a one-day conference focused on education, innovation, peer-to-peer networking and the latest technology and business solutions for IT professionals. Don’t miss these presentations from BravoTECH leadership. And be sure to visit us at Booth 311.

Luncheon Keynote: Building a Culture of Innovation

12:05 – 12:55 p.m. – Exhibit Hall A 1st Floor

BravoTECH President Andrew C. Jackson will lead a panel discussion for luncheon attendees. Andrew has convened a group of high-caliber IT executives who will speak from experience about their strategies for building a culture of innovation.

Lessons From the Leaders: Their Stories, Their Choices, Their Wisdom

2:00 – 2:50 p.m. – Women in Tech Summit – Junior Ballroom 1

BravoTECH CEO Valerie Freeman will lead a panel of trailblazing women as part of the Women in Tech Summit at InnoTech. Learn from C-suite women in technology as they share their secrets to success.

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