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Holiday Networking Works

As the year-end approaches, business moves at a slower pace. Phones ring less often as colleagues and clients take long-awaited holiday breaks. Hiring slows down significantly between November and Jan

Demystifying Dress Codes: Business Casual vs. Casual

You just landed a new job, and your manager tells you the dress code is business casual. This is great – no worries about what to wear, right? Not exactly. There’s no universal definition of bu

How to Avoid Hiring Fake Candidates

Have you discovered that an employee you recently hired isn’t turning out to be as capable as they said they were? If so, you may have been fooled by a fake candidate – a growing scam victimizing

Excellence 101

Why do some people achieve more than others? In my career as a manager I have noticed there are two types of people when it comes to what motivates them to excel. The first type – and most of us

The Shelf Life of Candidates is Getting Shorter

To say we’re experiencing a tight IT labor market is an understatement. The current unemployment rate for IT professionals in the U.S. is hovering around two percent, while the rate for certain IT s