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Get Ready for Remote Work 2.0

Working from home became the norm in 2020, but many organizations aren’t prepared for what comes next. Computerworld contributor Mike Elgan offers a few tips on how to get ready for Remote Work 2.0.

Five Tips for Evaluating a Potential Employer

By: Andrew C. Jackson, BravoTECH President Wherever we are, understanding our environment helps us optimize outcomes. This is especially true when evaluating a job offer. Beyond the actual work

Remote Work Personas That Emerged in 2020

By: Andrew C. Jackson After our transition to a remote work environment, I began to notice the different ways in which individuals adapted to working from home. While I am not a psychologist and do

BravoTECH Receives Dallas 100 Award

We’d like to thank our contract and full-time employees, whose hard work and dedication is the reason BravoTECH has received the Dallas 100™ Award in 2020. This is BravoTECH’s third year to be r

How the Pandemic Changed Our Use of Technology

The 2020 pandemic changed every aspect of our lives, including our relationship with technology. Analysts predict many of the changes are here to stay. Here are 14 stats and fun facts about how we use