Virtual Interview Tips

Virtual interviews enable employers to get face-to-face time with candidates across time zones and geographic locations without the need for travel. Since many firms are now hiring for fully-remote positions, a virtual interview  gives recruiters and hiring managers a good idea of a candidate’s ability to communicate clearly on video calls and collaboration apps.  A little preparation is all that is needed to ace your next virtual interview, so here are a few tips:

  • Test the links. Before the scheduled meeting time, test the app or link you’ve received to make sure it works. Contact your recruiter or the interviewer to resolve technical issues in advance. This is important! A significant percentage of video interviews fail because of a problem connecting.
  • Dress for success. Treat this like an in-person interview regarding dress. The minimum requirement for a video interview is a long-sleeved dress shirt with dark dress slacks for men and a modest blouse and dark pants for women. However, we always recommend a jacket or suit to increase your chance of success.  Don’t risk dressing only from the waist up for an interview.
  • Check the setting. Make sure you are in a quiet, uncluttered room where there isn’t anything distracting or disorganized behind you. Put the dog in another room, put your phone on silent, clear the area within view of clutter and shut the door. Make sure what your interviewer sees and hears presents you as organized, conscientious and professional.
  • Look at the camera. It’s tempting to watch yourself during a virtual meeting, but if you look at the camera, you will make eye contact with the other person. This helps establish a rapport.
  • Close other programs. Close any app that sends alerts to avoid interruptions, and if you think you might share your screen, make sure any miscellaneous windows are closed.
  • Use notes. One advantage of a video interview is the ability to use a cheat sheet. Have notes about the company, the job description and any questions you have, as well as a copy of your resume, on your desk for reference. Review your notes beforehand, so you only need to glance at them occasionally.
  • Take notes after the call. While your memory is fresh, jot down any new information you received and note any follow-up actions that were discussed, such as a request for more information or the date and time of your next interview. Make a note of anything that seemed important to the interviewer for future reference (skills, experience, start date, etc.).
  • Close by asking about next steps. Be direct! Does the interviewer feel you would make a good fit for the role? What are next steps, and when will a decision be made? Tell them what your timeframe for a decision is. Employers will appreciate your efficiency, and it helps you to know what they are thinking.
  • Send a thank you note. Send a thank-you note to your interviewer immediately – these days, an email is sufficient. Ask your BravoTECH recruiter for tips on composing a winning thank- you note.
  • Call your recruiter, if you are working with one. Let them know how the interview went and any next steps that were discussed.

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