Upcoming Events for CIOs and IT Professionals

Fall conference season is here, and you may already have plans to attend at least one industry event. Here’s how participating in an industry conference can benefit you personally and professionally.

  1. Out of Office Thinking. Sometimes taking a break from your work routine can lead to a breakthrough idea about how to solve a problem at work. Conferences expose you to new ideas and solutions you can use when you return.
  2. Exposure to Experts and Problem Solvers. Conferences expose you to industry leaders through sessions and keynotes. Rather than just sitting in the back of the room at a session, introduce yourself to as many of the presenters as possible to expand your network.
  3. Professional Networking. Conferences attract other driven, high-achievers in your field. Use your time there to make new connections that will benefit you and your organization.
  4. Trends and Innovations. Keeping up with the latest technologies, trends and best practices takes continuous effort, and conferences are one of the best opportunities to increase your knowledge.
  5. Peer Knowledge Sharing. By networking with peers at a conference, you can discover how others are solving similar challenges.

 If you’d like to add some networking and educational opportunities to your calendar without straining your budget, here are a few local events coming to Dallas. (Note: BravoTECH does not endorse or sponsor these events)